Solar street Light :

Product Features :

 Available in "CFL" & "LED" Luminous
 Electric cable laying expenses saved
 Low Maintenance, Long life "SMF" battery or tubular flooded battery
 Autonomy for operation during non-sunny days
 Easy to install & maintain
 Standalone system
 Also can be supplied without pole for export requirement with assembly
 Drawings and pole details
 Automatic dusk to dawn operation
 Battery box can be installed on top side of pole to prevent theft

Usage :

 Most suitable where there is frequent power failure or no grid power available
 Ideal for Remote Area, Village, Farm, Institute
 Useful for Resort, Warehouse area, Ports, Army Camp
 Pathways and Roads

Technical Features :

 Consisted of Solar Panel, Luminous with charge controller battery, battery box, poll and cable
 High efficiency crystalline "IEC"/ "MNRE" certified solar module
 Weather-proof Components